Brain Waves

Amazing Brains provides a brain map, or a qEEG. This process is a simple, painless step to take a “photo” of the client’s brain waves. Patients will wear a non-intrusive cap and sit very still for 10 minutes, first with their eyes open, and then again with their eyes closed.

The qEEG allows us to see how the brain functions. The map it produces is how we can see what it looks like when the client is functioning at their peak and or when they’re not, and what is causing the interruption. The areas of interruption are dysregulation and where the neurofeedback therapy is focused. After about 20 therapy sessions, twice a week, we will do a remap to measure improvement and plan continued strategy.

For Doctors

Amazing Brains can provide referenced qEEGs for your clients. In addition to brain maps, we are also available for consulting and integration of neurofeedback into your patient’s health care plan.

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