The Therapy Process

When Neural Pathways are Aligned, so is Life.

At Amazing Brains, we can change what challenges you or your kid. We take a step-by-step approach to working with clients to accurately diagnose and treat neural activity that is dis-regulated, backing up our results with multiple tests and data points as we create lasting changes.


We start by listening. Often people have already consulted many experts by the time they find us. Often they are already frustrated. And while each families struggle is unique, there are common themes that emerge.

Through our initial consultation, we seek to understand individual challenges, determine whether neurofeedback is a good fit and answer questions about the therapy process.

Clinical History

This includes the completion of a thorough clinical intake form, assessments, neurocognitive testing, clinical interview and symptom checklist of personal goals to achieve.

Brain Map

Every client gets a brain map (also called a qEEG), which takes a comprehensive picture of your brain waves and helps us identify areas of concern.

Utilizing the clinical information gained from the qEEG, the clinical intake, testing, assessments and personal goals we develop a treatment plan for neurofeedback training to recondition brain wave activity for improvement in symptoms and to help you meet your goals.


Neurocognitive Testing

Clients also complete neurocognitive testing to provide a baseline assessment to detect and track cognitive impairments that assist us in the evaluation and management of identifying neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, neurotraumatic and neurodegenerative disorders.  This provides knowledge of cognitive domains that underpin the ability to conduct activities of daily living. In addition, this allows for us to longitudinally track clinical endpoints to aid in the monitoring and management of clinical conditions. We are able to measure, qualify and quantify neurofeedback results.  


Neurofeedback Therapy

Once a treatment protocol is designed, we perform neurofeedback training using specialized computer equipment, an amplifier and sensors placed on the scalp. Clients either engage in a video game or watch a movie while we measure the strength, type and location of activity in the brain and provide visual and audible feedback to help them hit a desired brain wave pattern.

Retesting & Results

After 15 to 20 neurofeedback sessions, we retest with a second qEEG and neurocognitive testing to measure, qualify and quantify results.  We meet to discuss changes and create a new treatment plan if it is beneficial to continue with neurofeedback training.

Collaborative Health Consultations

Throughout the process and with client or parent approval, we can consult with health professionals, teachers and others involved in the care of a client.


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